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Whether we like it or not in progress trends in commitment rings say better is so much better. Just have a look at what style commitment rings celebrities are choosing. And of classes what's good for them is good for the rest of us.

J Lo's appointment to Ben Flick also ongoing an exciting trend of clients in the hunt for out pink diamonds. In no other time in annals have pink diamonds been as all the rage as right after J Lo sited that pink rhombus commitment ring on her finger.

Do any of you consider Marilyn Monroe sexily purr "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend?" Do you have any idea what that did the meeting ring market.

Guys are still paying for that statement. Sure back in the 50s women knew it wouldn't be aware to wear such a large appointment ring but that didn't mean a gal couldn't yearn for it.

Today a women wouldn't feel in the least bit guilty about dressed in such a diamond, in fact there are many a women that judge how well they are loved by the size of the rock they are draining for the reason that they "know" what Marilyn knew, that "diamonds are infact a girls best friend. "

When we see the appointment rings worn by stars like Madonna or Catherine Zeta-Jones we take announcement and their choices change the trends that follow. Celebrities are the leaders in locale create and costume jewelry trends.

Madonna with her Edwardian date ring and Catherine Zeta-Jones's antique styled 10 carat equilateral ring has rejuvenated the aspiration to own a attractive antique meeting ring. In fact it's one of the most up-to-date commitment ring styles in 20 years.

The size of the diamonds in contemporary styles has also grown from the be around one carat to over three carats. That's a appealing big rock that's going to set you back a bit. But girls know they deserve it!

If you aren't sure whether better is change for the better than have a look at the gems at this years Oscars which are said to total over $50 million dollars in value. Astonishment how many vaults it took to keep those safe up for the night?

With bling being the in thing one has to stop and admiration how the heck common be in the region of operational guys plan to pay for these rings. When their fiancés are asked the average fulfil is "doesn't be of importance I'm worth it.

That's great if your guy is earning a 6 appear salary but wait what if he's not. What if he's joe be an average of active from pay day to pay day. What must he do move into the bush and give up his home, perchance take up on foot and sell his car?

Wait guys maybe you can get away with a certainly good condition cubic zirconia. No guarantees but it might be worth a try. Most of the high end ones can only be identified by a characteristic jeweler. Then again maybe she won't care as long as it's big and impressive.

Okay girls lets be real here. Dreaming and lusting for that big 5 carat rock is just fine. No conundrum with dreaming, but when it comes time for your man to buy that ring commit to memory that the ring is not what you are marrying so conceivably it's time to care about the characteristic and extent of the wife to be considerably than the ring.

Big shape or barely equilateral it doesn't be relevant as long as the two of you are wonderfully happy. Let the celebrities wear their big diamonds and let them energy and shine in the lime light. It doesn't be of importance as you got your man! That's what counts!

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